Moving Virtual

Rather than spend my spare time ghosting others’ blogs, I am following my passion for participatory arts and joining in. This is not my first blog. A few years ago I kept a blog chronicling my choreographic adventures and my ideas about dance. You see, I am a choreographer and a dancer living in the Bay Area who is interested in the ways that technology shape, mold, and affect our movement. I let my first blog die because it didn’t feel natural. I didn’t run to the blog to share my ideas. I felt the impulse to perform my thoughts in some sort of coherent and interesting way. I am giving blogging a second go with the promise that I will make this second blog more personal. For me, moving virtual is not just about my choreographic practice. It’s also about the relationships I have, the food that I cook, the walks that I take around my neighborhood, the dance classes I take, and the artistic inspiration that I see around me. This new blog, while never detached from my professional thinking about dance and choreography and what it means to be pursing a professional degree in arts, will be about my more vulnerable virtual sides.

Consider this my commonplace book. In the 9th grade Mr. Blackburn assigned our class the task of keeping a commonplace book. A commonplace book is like an early modern European version of a scrapbook, or a blog. I ended up keeping a commonplace book for four years. I kept roughly one large book each year. I pasted mementos, transcribed thoughts, and allowed for my self to develop through the pages of those books. Consider this the commonplace of my adult life: a space where my professional, personal, and social selves are allowed to collide.