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It seems like we just arrived in Miami a little while ago, but it is already time to leave. We have done a lot: soaked in early morning walks along the ocean, gotten a sense for the Miami art scene, and indulged in several Cuban meals. There have been lazy weekends on the patio, days on the beach with visitors, and regular work days. It’s funny how in such a short time we have gotten to know particular corners of Miami Beach really well. It will be bitter sweet to leave.

Some observations about South Beach: wear what you feel comfortable in, eat ice ream on lincoln road, never go to the beach at noon, don’t count on a great farmer’s market, find good rice and beans, venture off of the tourists strips though don’t expect to find much. Our favorite restaurant is Sylvano, our favorite brunch is at Hotel Victor, and nothing beats a quick burger at Shake Shack. Don’t forget to leave and go to Wynwood.

With that, I am ready to move on to the next step. Our car has been shipped and the bags are packed. We will spend holidays in California before our big move to New York.

A therapeutic rest stop.

A therapeutic rest stop.

2013 has been quite a year for us. We got married, I started this blog, and then on March 7 I was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL). This rare type of leukemia is dangerous, but I am happy to report that it is quite curable when diagnosed and treated quickly and correctly. Just over nine months later I am deep in remission and doing well. The first six months of my treatment were intense. I was admitted to the hospital where I remained in isolation for the first month and a half of my treatment. Around the same time Joey completed and graduated from law school. The four and a half months after that were spent receiving daily chemotherapy infusions at my local cancer center. The weekend this ended Joey took, and we now know that he passed the California Bar. The day he finished the exam we received a call that his work plans have changed and he had to find his next position six months sooner than we had anticipated. As soon as this was settled we moved to Miami, FL for Joey’s work and I’ve spent time here resting and recovering. It was a whirlwind, but we made it through.

In some ways, I can’t believe how quickly my body has recovered since the beginning. I went from such a fragile and vulnerable state to being able to move across the country and live in a new city. I can go grocery shopping again, travel home for holidays, and see art exhibits. In this sense, things are back to normal. Still, I am not back to working full time, I have not danced in about a year, and I still spend a good amount of time in doctor’s offices. I continue to process what happened to me and I am still thankful for every single day that I have to live.

It’s funny that I started this blog just about the same week I felt the first symptoms of my cancer. And I’m surprised that I haven’t returned here to process some of life’s experiences while battling cancer. Several times I have wanted to post things, share things, and document things. I even drafted a couple of blog posts that I plan to finally post here soon. But it hasn’t felt right to return to this space until now. I had to let this year take its course. And now I’m ready to begin again. In just over one week we will leave Miami and travel through California for the holidays before we make a highly anticipated and permanent move to New York City. I hope to resume working full time, get back into dancing, and put 2013 behind us as we see what awaits for 2014. I think that this will happen slowly, but I look forward to experiencing the beginning in due time and in whatever way feels comfortable.

I hope that this blog will continue to serve its intended purpose: to help me articulate my experience of a work life balance. What’s interesting is that in the last year my relationship to this balance has changed immensely. My anxiety around performing the right balance went out the window when I was diagnosed with cancer and my hunch that the “life” aspect of this balance mattered most is now a life philosophy.