Usually my calendar year starts more dramatically with deep cleans, cooking projects, and long lists of New Year’s resolutions that typically include things like “floss daily, drink more water, be kind, read a book a week, yoga twice weekly, keep doing what you’re doing…”

This year we are in the middle of a multi-part move (SFO-MIA-SFO-ITH-JFK) and we are lucky to find our underwear in the morning let alone be able to consider lofty goals and start complex projects. So this year begins more modestly with an empty agenda, two La Pens, and a pencil case. Even if I can’t set them now, let this book be open space for my goals and projects to come. And maybe it will help us keep it together for the next 28 days until we set foot in our forever-for-now home, too.

Big move tip #1: leave space for familiarity, even when it looks different.