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This week I decided at the very last minute to hop in the car, drive three hours south, and visit my best friend circa age five and her family at the beach. There’s something about throwing clothes in a duffle, grabbing leftover pie to share, and making an escape from summer heat in the city. This is the closest I’ve gotten to footloose and fancy free in quite a while. What helped? The fact that, when I arrived, everything was all set. There was a nice house and a bed and food and a schedule. I got to tag along in every sense of the word with people who make me feel so calm and comfortable. It’s nice to rely on others sometimes – I think it’s a real gift and part of the reason that creating community is so important. Give a little, and get a little. I’m so lucky to have such close friends who’ve supported me so strongly over the years. And, of course, there’s nothing like a beach breeze to wash away the whirlwind of work travel and in-law entertaining that has been the last two weeks.