I am a graduate student who is writing a dissertation and aspiring to obtain “gainful” employment in the academy one day… If I am a smart and strategic feminist, if I am egregiously lucky, and if several starts align at the right moment. But I digress. As I approach completion of my degree I have begun to consider even more carefully my own career development and professionalization. Upon reflection, I find it interesting how I’ve acquired more career advice and wisdom from following blogs written by young female Internet entrepreneurs than I have mentors in my own field.

These women take risks, organize their own time, often work from home, make business decisions about their lives and life decisions about their careers – and due to the nature of their work, they often share many of these milestones in the public forum of their blogs. As the academy privatizes and becomes a more corporate entity, and now that young scholars have to sell themselves as if they were entering the business world, I find great inspiration in the young women I follow. Namely I am thinking of A Practical Wedding, A Cup of Joe, Young House Love, and Reading My Tea Leaves. Thanks to these women for inspiring me on slow writing days, and reminding me that the future of my career is in my hands. I am actually running my own business, it just happens to be affiliated with an academic institution. And my scholarly/pedagogical identity is the product.