This past weekend David Brooks wrote an article about daily ritual and creativity in the NYT. He cites the book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work , which Joey and I actually found in a local Greenpoint book shop a few months ago. At that time, I was desperate to create some more ritual in my life. Floating from project to project, and physical ailment to physical ailment, I craved the stability that might come with daily routines and rituals. I’ve written about ritual a bit on this blog, and have searched for ritual in my daily and varying routines. I found some rituals in certain practices like traveling. But when it comes to my creative practices (writing and choreographing) I don’t have any steadfast rituals. I think I’ve managed to create much more stability in my life since stumbling across the Daily Rituals book at the beginning of the summer, but my days still lack ritual. There is not one thing that I do every single day without fail. Except maybe brush my teeth and take my pills. I don’t walk the dog the same way each day, I don’t eat the exact same thing for breakfast each morning, I don’t even have a ritualistic drink like coffee.

But is this really a bad thing? Does this mean you can’t be creative? I don’t think so. I think little habits are good, and of course a discipline and dedication to your craft is important. With that in mind, some variety in daily monotony produces a shift in perspective that could be necessary for creative impulse.

In honor of varying routine, today I offer a piece of my own. Last week I wrote about tea in the morning. Sometimes days I drink tea with oatmeal, other mornings I make up a nice smoothie. Here’s to variety! Moxie tale: Green Smoothie. I make my smoothie differently every morning, but here’s the concoction today….

Handful gluten free oats
A pour of chia seeds
Overflowing handful spinach
Few leafs of kale
One small banana
Some frozen mango chunks
Blend until smooth