Here we are, it’s 2015. Last year I returned to this space as a little project at a time when I was in need of purpose. I returned fairly consistently with updates until October, at which point I didn’t feel the need to write here. I’m pleased that I think writing small musings here helped me to return to write more lofty observations for my dissertation. I think that on this very day last year I returned to my dissertation and one year later I have completed that chapter and moved onto the next. It was a slow pace, but I embraced it and most definitely made progress. For 2015 I would like to reestablish a more rigorous pace, but one in which I can still take care of me. I would like to be able to return to this space at the fore of 2016 to report that my seven year long project is complete. This is one huge New Years resolution.

Beyond this very large, long term, and underlying goal I  feel like this year I have a running laundry list of intentions as opposed to one resolution. I would like to be more consistent in my exercise, mindful of my diet, and continue to strive for a life in which I care for myself and for those around me. I need to floss more. I say this every year. And I could stand to drink more water. This too is a yearly intention. I would also like to face my fears. I did a lot of this in 2014 with I think much success. I’d love to continue working on this in the year to come.

I also have resolutions for my relationship. I can sometimes be dramatic and in turn a bit volatile in my responses to minor things. I hope that I can work on mindfulness when it comes to my interactions such that I am a bit more zen.