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I am a graduate student who is writing a dissertation and aspiring to obtain “gainful” employment in the academy one day… If I am a smart and strategic feminist, if I am egregiously lucky, and if several starts align at the right moment. But I digress. As I approach completion of my degree I have begun to consider even more carefully my own career development and professionalization. Upon reflection, I find it interesting how I’ve acquired more career advice and wisdom from following blogs written by young female Internet entrepreneurs than I have mentors in my own field.

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Last year we celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends in my home town. At dinner, I decided that my New Year’s resolution was to apologize less in 2013.

Somewhere along the way, despite my apparently feminist upbringing and various levels of higher education to be an empowered woman, I missed the memo that women are made to apologize for their actions even when things aren’t their fault. I fell pray to this pesky habit – big time. I found myself apologizing multiple times in a conversation even for things that weren’t my fault.

The “I’m sorry” wasn’t even doing the work I needed it to. When I was in the hospital earlier this year, for example, I found myself apologizing for my illness and my need to rely on others. Instead, wouldn’t I more accurately express myself if I could just explain the meaning behind my overused place holder? Instead of I’m sorry, what about thank you? In a completely different context, I’ve come to fear making wrong choices that don’t make sense to others when writing in the academy. You could say I’ve learned to apologize before even putting pen to paper. Instead, I could feel empowered to share my ideas and open dialogue.

This brings me to the beginning of 2014. I’m not sure I apologize less, though I like to think that my apologies now accompany more thoughtful reflection and are sometimes replaced by mindful explanation. After a year with a wedding, cancer, moves, and many many thoughts on my place in this world, I hope for 2014 that I can strive to be true to myself and respectful of others. In doing so, I hope I can remain critical of my cultural tendencies while still respecting my comfort zones.

And I hope that this blog space is one without apology. I’ve wanted to keep a blog for some time, but haven’t known the right way, or topic. Scholarly, or personal? Feminist, or domestic? Mocktails, or design ideas? I’ve been paralyzed by the choices and afraid to make the wrong move; I’ve remained on the side of the apology. So, I hereby grant this blog a place for me to practice my goals without inhibition and without apology – even when it doesn’t quite coalesce or have a well rounded theme or make full sense to others. Whatever comes to fruition will be as honest as possible – within the bubble of my own performed self, of course, and also while striving to respect and account for those reading and writing with me.

Happy New Year. Here’s to a healthy 2014.